I’m in too deep…

Tomorrow I have an hour long video counselling assessment… It’s safe to say I’m terrified. So I’m sitting here practicing my openings like I should be, right? No… I decided to sit happily in denial and look at film trailers on youtube until I find something I want to watch. I started with film trailers, then somewhere down the line I ended up watching “Orlando Brown, arrested” and then that lead on to “Why Hollywood wont cast Raven Symone anymore” and now I’ve found myself in 2007 watching Miley Cyrus music videos! I’ve gone back a good decade or so and I don’t know how to get back. I’ve gone in to deep… youtube is a bad place! How did I even end up here? I mean seriously how did I end up watching a video about why Hollywood wont cast Raven? I’m starting to worry about myself.

The sad thing is I actually find myself in this position way too often. Around 3am I ended up on the CBBC website playing games we used to play when we were in school. I seem to start of with a purpose and end up watching a video of a cat making friends with a bear from 10 years ago! That’s enough internet for me I think… Someone take this off me!


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