Happy 14th of February!

It’s that day again… Valentines day. It comes around every year and every year I just as cringed out by it. I am not a valentines fan, purely because I think it puts a lot of pressure on relationships and surely we should show love more than one day a year? Buy me flowers randomly any day of the year and I will be happy, but valentines day takes the specialness out of it for me. The flowers are then something I was given just because it’s a special day rather than to show somebody loves me. I totally get why some people want to celebrate and make a big deal out of valentines and that’s totally their choice but It’s just never really appealed to me.

Having said all of this I did always celebrate valentines day… while I was single. I loved valentines when I was single and I made a big deal out of it. The last valentines day that I was single I had a scream movie marathon with lots of junk food and loved it. It just seemed more exciting being single (I am aware of how stupid that sounds). I am now in a serious relationship and we had to come to some sort of decision about what was going to happen on valentines day. I’m really not one for making a big deal out of it but if he wanted to I would deal with it. We decided that neither of us are big valentines people so we do cute moonpig cards and the Saturday before we go for a meal or to the cinema and then we just sit in watching TV on valentines day night. That suits us and I’ve really enjoyed spending them with him… because we don’t put any pressure on the day.

Okay I am aware how cynical I sound right now. Don’t jump to the conclusion that I’m just not romantic at all because actually I’m really romantic. We do good morning and goodnight messages every day, we go out a lot for dinners and movie dates and when we’re not doing that we just have nights where we cuddle while watching movies. We also take regular trips to a hotel, sometimes not even leaving the city we live in, just so we can get away and have some space and time to spend together (we don’t live together yet). So we can be cute and romantic and we really try to do as much as we can together and remind each other what we mean to each other. I just don’t feel the need to do this on valentines day because I do it every single day of the year. I can honestly say I am happy with or without valentines day. I may not feel happy with him every single moment of every single day of our lives… but I feel very happy and lucky to be with him at some point every day.

Happy Valentines day everyone



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