Time to breathe…

My surface pro 4 has a fault and has been collected for a replacement. I am on my fifth day without it and it’s safe to say I am extremely sad! I spent nearly an hour on the phone this morning, spoke to 3 different people/departments all to be told their warehouse is running 4 days behind and I should receive confirmation on Monday and info on them delivering a new Surface. I am struggling without it now! I’m writing this on my old HP laptop which is falling apart… really on it’s last legs. It’s taking me forever to write this because I keep having to go back and correct words because it’s getting really slow and the keys don’t always register. First world problems?

On the bright side I said I was excited for Saturday as I could have a day off without anything to do and that’s exactly what I’ve done today. The 6 nations started today so I’ve had a lovely day in bed watching the rugby. It’s been lovely just to sit and think. I haven’t had time to stop and breathe recently! I am very aware I still have a lot to do though. I have placement and work starting all at once which is stressful and Ii have college deadlines coming in fast now! I really should be doing something but I’ve only managed to send a few emails out today. With England currently in the lead 12-9 against France, I can’t afford to take my eyes from the TV to do anything important.


Come on England!


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